How to Find Your Purpose

What is the purpose? More importantly, what are your personal purposes right now? Are you living with no sense of direction or goal? If not, you should make changes to find more meaningful life opportunities.

Purpose comes in many forms. It can be leading a team through teamwork, being an excellent student, volunteering at a local organization, or creating and running your own business. No matter what kind of purpose you want, it will require you to invest time and effort.

You must know what you want and have strategies to get there. Plus, you need to keep learning and developing yourself so that you can achieve your goals.

It’s easy to fall into a rut when things are going well, but if you want to move forward, you’ll have to challenge yourself. Keep looking ahead and don’t get stuck in any one place or position.

Many people spend their lives chasing after what they think will give them happiness, but research shows that having a strong sense of meaning and contribution in your life is far more important than feeling happy once in a while.

This is why some people who were given a lot of money still live modestly spending their income on experiences rather than material goods. They believe that investing in themselves and helping others is a better use of their resources.

Finding true purpose doesn’t happen overnight, but thinking about it every day for a few minutes can help start the process.

Look to your values

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One of the biggest reasons why people lose motivation in their lives is because they don’t know what it is that matters to them. We spend so much time focusing on things like money, career, and family, but we miss the true purpose of our life.

A few years ago I read a book called The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. In this book, Japanese author Marie Noelle Douglas purged all her belongings – she gave away almost everything she owned and bought even less than she had before.

But what was left behind wasn’t anything particularly special or flashy. It was mostly books and clothes, some dishes and jewellery.

What made these items valuable were not what you would typically think about when talking about material possessions. These things mattered to me because they represented my personal beliefs and values.

They are what give my life meaning and make me feel happy and successful. Without these things, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So how do you find the things that matter to you? First, you have to recognize those things, then you need to be able to describe them, and finally you need to experience them.

You can’t really know something if you don’t understand it, and you can’t fully experience something unless you’ve got it.

Think about how you can help others

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Helping other people is one of the most powerful ways to find true purpose in life. Whether it’s through working, volunteering or simply being generous with gifts and money, helping others is an easy way to feel good about yourself and your life.

Becoming more aware of what needs there are in the world will certainly boost your sense of worth and mission.

Thinking about ways to help increase our happiness does not necessarily have to relate to external things only. We all need different levels of sleep, food, and intimacy in our lives, for example.

And while it may sound cliché, asking “What’s my legacy?” and “How will I be remembered?” is great questions to consider, really looking into who you were as person comes back down to whether you lived an authentic life or not.

If you made no effort to connect with anyone beyond your close friends, then chances are people won’t remember you except as someone who was socially awkward or self-consciously protective of your solitude.

Do what you know you should do

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We spend our lives trying to find happiness, but we never really seem to succeed in that task. The thing is, true happiness doesn’t depend on something or someone else. It comes from within yourself.

It’s not like there’s a switch inside of you that gets turned off when your job isn’t going well or your partner leaves you. Happiness is an internal state of mind.

When you feel happy, it’s because you’re doing things you enjoy, thinking about things you admire, and looking forward to things you want to do. You are living your life as you intended to live it.

We all have different hobbies and interests, so why don’t some people seem to be happier than others? I think it’s because they try to push away thoughts of sadness by engaging in activities they enjoyed before.

They forget how to play chess because there was no one left at the party who wanted to play chess.

Become a volunteer

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Being a part of something bigger than yourself is one of the best ways to find true purpose in life. Whether it’s volunteering at an organization that impacts others, giving back by helping out with your community or even just sharing meals and drinks after work, doing things you believe in can boost your sense of motivation and self-worth.

On top of this, research has shown that volunteers are happier than those who receive recognition for being good workers. They feel more connected to their colleagues and the community they serve, which boosts their feeling of wellbeing.

It’s important to note that while most people enjoy spending time doing good works, not everyone feels motivated when they have to do so. This could be because they don’t think much about the benefits or they worry about getting paid instead.

There are many different types of volunteers, including those working with charities, teaching classes, taking care of elderly relatives and running social events. No matter what position you choose to hold, know that you will make a difference and help other people succeed.

Your skills as a person will go far in motivating others to contribute too, as they will perceive you as someone who cares and goes beyond the call of duty.

Join a club

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Being part of a community is one of the most important ways to find your purpose in life. There are many types of clubs that offer different services or opportunities to people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and incomes.

Clubs can be for anything—soccer teams, academic organizations, artistic groups, etc. No matter what type of club you’re looking to join, make sure it is worth joining!

Do not belong to this organization simply because it sounds interesting. If there was no way to gain an experience from it outside of just spending time with other people, then it should be left alone.

There will never be enough hours in the day to do everything we want, so why spend our time doing things that feel like they are wasting time?

Find something that calls to you, that feels natural. What makes you happy? How much money does it take to make you happy? These questions may help determine the right club for you.

It is also very helpful if the members of the club seem friendly and stable, which would show that they enjoy their own personal lives and hope to provide similar experiences for others.

Try new things

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Let’s look at another way to find purpose in your life. This one comes from philosopher Kate O’Brien who coined the term “the meaningful life.” According to O’Brien, the meaningful life is one that is lived with intensity.

You have to care about something so deeply that you’re always working on it, investing time into it, pursuing it, seeking out more of it — this thing has to consume your days, your nights, and parts of your mind.

This thing also needs to feed off other things. It needs to enjoy the company of others while motivating them towards its own goal. And finally, it needs to produce results that matter to you and others.

Something that’s meaningless doesn’t do any of these things. In fact, I’d argue that it does all three because it consumed myths, or false ideas, about what matters to people.

That’s why it didn’t motivate anyone else — because it wasn’t connected to anything beyond your imagination.

Speak to a therapist

A Psychologist Listening to her Patient

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Letting go of perfectionism can be difficult, but there are many ways to help you find your purpose. Therapy is a great way to do this.

A good therapist will help you work through your feelings related to lack of confidence or fear of failure. They may also assist in understanding why you feel limited in certain areas of your life and how that impacts your perception of yourself and others.

Therapy is a very effective tool for helping you identify your strengths and opportunities so you can pursue them more actively.

It can also aid in developing new strengths by looking at the reasons why you gave up on pursuing your current strength before.

You’ll learn about yourself and other people in a setting where they’re not necessarily focused on proving themselves, which helps ease pressure.

Share your story

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Let people know what you are doing and why it matters to you, so they can connect with you and contribute to you in their own way.

Most people have stories that they keep to themselves. They may not feel like they deserve respect, so they don’t ask for it. Or maybe they don’t believe they get enough credit for their efforts, so they don’t promote themselves or talk about how well they are performing their job.

Whatever reason they give for keeping quiet, the truth is they aren’t confident in their own self-worth.

So, they forget that there are other people out there who could use their knowledge and experience, and hopefully, learn from them as well. By sharing your experiences, things you’ve learned, and tips and tricks for staying motivated, you offer something valuable to others.

It’s an investment in yourself. It’s creating a legacy.

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