Article: The Art of Loving…

Hi all, Yes, it’s been a while since I truly wrote a blog piece and I’m sorry.  I’ve had one of the biggest periods of life change that I have ever had.  This ushered me into making a lot of significant changes and establishing I guess a new me, a new way of being and…

Podcast: Tim Ferris – Biohacking

Tim chats to Serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, eagle scout, and all around wild and crazy guy @KevinRose new diet obsession fatherhood, minimalism, lifetime learning, ways to dial back alcohol consumption, lessons learned from Tony Robbins books, and much more.

7 Water Alternatives For Hydration, Ranked | MyFitnessPal

Here’s an interesting article which has a few surprising insights on hydration… If you want to switch up your hydration from plain water, here are some options. — Read on

What is the next new health tip for 2018…?

I don’t know about you guys but I follow a few health hashtags on the old Instagram and a lot of what I saw last year was the rise of Bowls – Fruit or rice bowls, bowls with Acai, chia seeds, cultured dairy products and colourful images that make the fruit look as if it could…

Why do we do what we do…?

A recap of last week’s sessions – Tips for anyone (not just event professionals) on changing and developing good habits and behaviours that support your long term Wellbeing