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(Finding Balance & Be Future Now)

Welcome to DRGNFLY360. My name is Darren and I love to see the world and pick as many people up as I can that are in it!

I help people like you with their personal journeys and creative business journeys the help them achieve the transformations (big or small) that they desire.

So, whether you need help towards the happier and more balanced future you and/or a creative turning your passion into a start-up business–My situation and outcomes might’ve been different but I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and can help.

Who am I?

Well, even after all these years I’m still figuring it out lol, but right now I’m a highly motivated and passionate creative and I’m Director/CEO (whatever you want to call it) of my own media production company that has (thankfully) survived lockdown and is now in its 4th year of operation.

Before reaching this version of myself (which I absolutely love being) I’ve had a wide a varied journey. I’ve tackled with family hardships at an early age. I’ve had no one, felt alone and been looking out for myself since I was 16. I’ve been to darkside with the wrong people doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, I’ve been depressed, had an unhealthy mindset and an unhealthy body. But somehow, in my early twenties it all changed. I looked at myself and I look at who I’d become and the things surrounding me and something just changed.

This wasn’t what I wanted. This isn’t my innate being–the person I’m meant to be. Something changed.

I didn’t blame anyone. I stopped asking why this happened to me. Something changed.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you. But that’ all you’re getting for now! lol

I will tell you this. It’s taken a long time to get here. A long time of self discovery, trial and error to learn about myself–what i’m good at / what I suck at, and what I’m passionate about so that I can fill my life with more of that. Life Style Design.

Other than that, a few more things you will learn about me very quickly is that I love to explore the world, meet people and experience what each country has to offer, and I love taking photos and sharing them whilst i’m at it…

… So, let the sharing begin!

If you are in need a Content Creator or are looking for a Personal Coach feel free to get in touch via instagram or by filling in the form below:

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