Travel & Transformation

(Finding Balance & Be Future Now)

Hi, my name is Darren and I like most, and I enjoy seeing the world and experiencing new cultures and food along the way.

In my travels, I have been lucky enough to have seen some of the most spectacular sights and heard astounding tails of human experiences that have left me moved, awed and inspired. So much joy, so much sadness, so much courage and so much true grit and all offered a richness of insights and lessons.

From surviving domestic and civil unrest to battling illness and our internal demons, and though some have faded into time the impact of the lessons has most definitely stayed.

I feel so privileged to have been trusted with something so personal and precious to these friends and it’s always motivated me to always share what I can with the view of helping someone else–which brings us to this site…

… The aim here is to interview people, preserve their tales and share them here so you can learn from their wisdom to ELEVATE and CREATE a life of happiness.


Good question. As someone who has travelled to the other side of the planet to find family, had so many jobs before finally finding a passion and purpose, transitioned from office jobs to a creative job to freelance creative to now a self-employed business owner I’m motivated by inspiring people to make the positive changes in their life.

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