Gili T | To chill, party or both…?

The Ibiza of the region

I just love Island holidays! And just a short travel distance from Bali and a stone’s throw from Lombok Island is this little gem, Gilli T, where I went to catch up with friends after a visit to Brisbane. Said to be ‘The Ibiza’ of the region, it’s also a great to relax, catch some sun, eat fresh seafood, do cooking lessons, do nothing, enjoy the sunsets and get some selfcare done –just book the right side of the island for your needs!!



So, in addition to relaxing and bouts of excessive drinking, things to do are:

  • First, the thing you’ll want to do is let this guy know that you are coming, Rudy – our guide for the duration of the visit.  he helped with translation and haggling and he has a lot of area knowledge including contacts so he can pretty much get you in touch with the right people for whatever it is you’re looking to do.
  • Food for me is one of the best things about travelling so add these to your to-do list:
    • The evening Fish Market
    • Indonesian Cooking at ‘Sweet & Spicy’ cooking school.
    • Venture into the back streets for hidden restaurants and bar
    • Find the famous ‘Pizzeria Regina’ – the best Stone Fire Pizza you’ll every taste.
    • Get the best burger on the Island at ‘Le Petit Grill’ – some people say it was slightly over priced. I didn’t as it was very tasty. definitely not disappointed.
  • Activities
    • Catch a donkeycart to the other side of the Island to catch a Sunset that sets the sky on fire.
    • Cooking Lessons
    • Massage on the beach

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