Staying | The Encore Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

As I walked into the hotel lobby and towards the reception, I caught my first glimpse of the hotel’s casino floor and the lavishness decor of the hotel…  It was like something I’ve never seen before money had been poured into this place to give this amazing aesthetic.

Greeted by the friendly and stunning receptionist, Akilah (what I later realised was standard for the hotel) I quickly got my keycard and made my way into the high-speed lift and up to my room on the 33rd floor.  I opened the door and my jaw literally hit the floor as I walked in.  First there was the bathroom with twin basins (one for the left hand and one for the right!!), large bath and separate shower, then the room opened up into a welcoming bedroom which was connected to the lounge by a subtle partition that house the large rotating TV that spun around to be viewed from either room.  The decor was stylish and comfortable and, as I relaxed on the couch, I looked over to the drawn curtains.  Little did I know, the best was yet to be revealed and, after finding the bedside remote-control-panel, I opened them and was met with the most stunning view overlooking the strip!!  The legendary neon lights of Las Vegas were before me like a large flat Christmas tree – lights everywhere reaching the horizon in all directions…

From start to finish, the service and my experience fantastic…  The only warning I would have is to watch out for the casino tables… you’ll get stuck for a while!! 🙂

After all the work and networking that I was there for, I got the chance on my last day to quickly have a scout around and photograph Las Vegas. Well, a few iconic buildings anyway – it was 5 am and there wasn’t much happening on the streets…

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Travel Information

  • When: Jan 16th – 22nd
  • Transport: We booked cheap flights privately via Norweigan Airlines – Nothing exciting but we got there safe and sound.
  • Hotel: The Encore Wynn
  • Sites/Activities:
    • Top Golf
    • Freemont Street
    • The Strip
    • In and Out Burger
    • Definitely get a New York Steak, anywhere!!

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