Podcast: Tim Ferris – Biohacking

Tim chats to Serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, eagle scout, and all around wild and crazy guy @KevinRose new diet obsession fatherhood, minimalism, lifetime learning, ways to dial back alcohol consumption, lessons learned from Tony Robbins books, and much more. itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-tim-ferriss-show/id863897795

7 Water Alternatives For Hydration, Ranked | MyFitnessPal

Here’s an interesting article which has a few surprising insights on hydration… If you want to switch up your hydration from plain water, here are some options. — Read on blog.myfitnesspal.com/7-water-alternatives-for-hydration-ranked/

Tough Mudder Log: Week 1, Day 2

12 weeks until Tough Mudder… Week 1, day 2… Lower Back and Mid-Section Day. Okay, I’m on a roll (!!and my holiday legs are definitely feeling yesterday’s workout and feeling great. Today’s workout was targeted at my lower back and core and again doing pyramid sets, but instead of going to failure, I’ve been going until…

5 Steps to help you do more of the things you want.

Do you ever wonder that you should be doing more with your life? I do, and I’m not talking once a month. So far it’s practically every few days and my bucket list is getting long!! I might be an educator but firstly, I’m still a person and I have a lot to be thankful…

Mid-week Motivation – Leo Tolstoy

I have just discovered, thanks to brain pickings, The Dairy of Leo Tolstoy – Russian Count and author renown for writing War and Peace. His diary, an account of his journey in finding purpose, dealing with the moral and existential crisis and being spiritually awakened. The following excerpt is lifted from a recent article by brain…