Bangkok, Laos & Koh Mak

The first leg of this trip is done and I’m now sat in the Premier Lounge at Beijing Airport – courtesy of the Amex Lounge Club. I landed at 14:00 and have settled into My 6hrs layover which, due to the tight regulations, seems so much longer for not having access to my gmails, facebook,…

7 Water Alternatives For Hydration, Ranked | MyFitnessPal

Here’s an interesting article which has a few surprising insights on hydration… If you want to switch up your hydration from plain water, here are some options. — Read on

Tough Mudder Log: W3, D1

It’s week 3 and I’m still going. It was tough waking up and I think I may have let my hair down too much on the weekend.  Not only did Friday’s date night end up in Kaspa’s dessert bar chomping down for a Banana and Nutella Belgian Waffle but I also sank a few glasses…

Tough Mudder Log: W2, D6

Follow me as I prepare myself for one of my most physical challenges yet and my first ever obstacles course race, Tough Mudder!!