Working Together

Let’s think for a moment.  If I help you focus on improving your lifestyle, health, business or income for the years ahead, how much would that mean to you and how valuable would that be…?

I have worked with individuals of all backgrounds, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.  There really is no limit to who can benefit and, with your commitment to achieving, we can get you to the next level.

Try me in a single session or, for the greatest results, my 6-month program.

  • Introduction 1hr Session – Finding 360˚ Balance (£50)
    • In this session, we will identify key areas of focus that, with the right attention, will have a positive effect on your sense of satisfaction.
    • You will identify some initial goals, and…
    • You will begin your journey towards achieving the changes that you want.
  • 6-Monthly Sessions (£250)
    • 6 x monthly 1-on-1 sessions.
    • Personalised Development Plan
    • Access to my library of development resources.
    • Support throughout via email or messengers with a 48hr response time.
  • Single Sessions (£50/hr)
  • Long term programs can be arrange

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