So, what is Personal Development Coaching?

In essence, this is a private and individual process that asks powerful questions that create new realisations that cause  action.

My Mission:

Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to take ownership in influencing their wellbeing and happiness.

My key areas of focus are:

  • Habitual and behavioural change
  • Wellbeing
  • Personal satisfaction

Get in touch now

PLEASE NOTE: I do try to be as flexible as possible with appointment times.  These are limited to mostly evenings and are on first come first served basis – If slots aren’t available, please book the closest appointment to that time and add a note with your preference and I will seen if I can be available.

Additional benefits:

  • 100% privacy and discretion.
  • You’ll have a personal coach throughout.
  • You will have tools/workbooks provided digitally.
  • You will learn personal development strategies.
  • You will learn to be accountable and take action.
  • Regular catch ups and progress reviews (face-to-face, Skype, Phone, etc…)

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