Island Hopping, Fiji – Yasawas (2012)

Starting in Nadi, we left the port of Denaru by Catamaran setting of an ‘Awesome Adventure’ Island Hopping for days.  the journey started with a 5hrs ride out to the far reaches of the Yasawas and as we sailed at speed the wind was in our faces.  The mountains of Nadi passed us by and we were greeted along the was by breath-taking island formations, white sand beaches, and royal blue waters…

As we passed each Island resort, small boats you come to meet us as their guests disembarked to be escorted to their island getaway.

Finally, we reached our first island, the island resort of Coral View – a nature reserve and clam farm – where we were greeted so jovially by the melodious singing voices and then, as we got closer to the shore, we see the source of this harmony, the smiling faces of our hosts. What a welcome and what an amazing setting to begin our island hopping experience.

Hot Tip: Quiet White Sand Beach – follow the path from the dining room toward the huts and continue around until you come to a bush path.  This Path will lead you over the hill to the authorised of the island where you can walk along the beach, past what looks like an old village and you will find a quiet stretch of the whitest sand you’ve ever seen being met by crystal clear water to cool off in…  Great for getting away from the other guests and be sure to take plenty of bottled water.

Activities: Snorkelling in the Marine Reserve, Jet Bikes, Scuba (Novice and Experienced), Visit Blue Lagoon where scene from the movie were shot and relax, relax, relax…

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