Staying | Bruges – Staying with the Duke…

After the era of the pandemic, it has been nice getting some normality back into day-to-day life. I know we're still not out of the woods, but one of those norms that we've all been missing is travel, hotels and discovering new places, people and foods. And this quick city break in Bruges and Brussels... Continue Reading →

Visiting | Sunrise At The Louvre & Eiffel Tower

... and worth every minute capturing a few of historic landmark gems. When it comes to capturing the beauty of the world-famous Louvre museum, there is no better time than at 5am during the blue hour. The blue hour is one of the most magical times of day when the light is especially soft and... Continue Reading →

Visiting | Summer 2018

From the moment we got off the plane we knew this would be an unforgettable city break... Our taxi drove us from the airport along the Douro River which gave us a first glance at breathtaking bridge views and the terraces of quaint clay rooftops and spires of the local history that banked on either... Continue Reading →

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