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I never would’ve thought that my story would lead me to the other side of the world. Even when it dawned on me to travel I simply thought would be a new chapter but it has gifted me with a new life…

Hi, and welcome. My name is Darren, founder of DRGNFLY360 a site and project I’m dedicating to Personal Development Coaching and sharing insights.

Let me tell you a bit about me. As I mentioned, I am a personal development coach.  I’m also a Business Development Exec and Salesforce Administrator for my day job, I’m an enthusiastic Photographer (Travel, Weddings & Live Events), I DJ and find time to blog. I was born in London and I’m a son of separated parents. I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and good times, though… *cue serious music*… I’ve had more than what I’d consider my fair share of ups and downs.  I know first hand how scary, risky and tough it can be to not only realise but also make the changes that you want in your life – it takes a lot of grit, determination, courage and guts even when you know it’s best for you. Looking back, it’s so easy to see how different my life has become and I’m amazed that I’ve done it! – From unstable upbringing to troubled youth to realisation that I had the power to change it all – the power to release that person I wanted to be…

Looking back, my life is so different and I’m amazed at what I have achieved and how better I feel about myself – From an unstable upbringing, to a troubled youth anger and up to no good and using substances to escape and hide (at one time I was running with the wrong crowd), to being total depressed and feeling worthless, to then being fed up with that feeling and feeling the shame of not being in control and having the past and external influences keep me down…  It was that moment I said to myself “F this!!”, “it is do, or die and, if I do, then I want to be happy”.  The realisation set in that I had the power to change it all – the power to release that person I wanted to be…

Defeat has a way of humbling you and, when you least expect it, it gives those who are ready the opportunities they have been waiting for…

It was like a match had been struck, a passion lit and a purpose was ablaze and, without prompts cues or guidance, I began to be curious about myself – who was I, what did I want and how was I going to get it…

Step 1 – Just be Happy – Happy might’ve been a goal but it wasn’t a destination. I simply decided to be happy.

Step 2 – Focus on the things that make you happy and then begin to change the small things that don’t.  I need to a job I liked and a home I felt safe and to reconnect and build (repair) relationships with those I cared for…  But first a cup of tea – the best cup of tea I could make.

I was 19.

Of the many chapters and changes in my life, one of the most significant I’ll share with you and take us back to October 2007, when I decided to move to the UK from NZ in search for family and, more specifically, my father.

I left as a corporate trainer for the largest telecommunications company in New Zealand. The story started off well, as most do when you’re leaving the shire with beneath my wings. I mean, I was traveling to the other side of the planet (!!) on a modern day quest/adventure into the unknown – both exciting and scary.

… it twisted a turned and for all the highs, there were also some pretty bad lows. I found my dad and my family but then came face-to-face with the effects of the recession. I was made redundant and then it all seemed to slip from there – I became stressed, unhealthy (weight loss),  I had fallen into debt and had a collection agency on my tail and, where I was living (though cheap) wasn’t great!

Dark times, indeed but on the plus, I had family and good friends (old and new) who kept me from slipping too far but even with their support it was hard to feel that amazing feeling on the inside.  Again, things had to change. Back to the plan – Who am I, what do I want, what do I need to do and do it.

It’s now been 10-years.  I’m in a good job, I’m a half of a wedding photography duo with a friend, I’m a Live Event Photographer, I Love to travel (please see, I’m passionate about helping others to be who they want and as such, transformed my corporate training experience by re-educated to fulfil my purpose of being personal coach.  And that’s not the best bit. the best bit is that I’ve married an amazing woman…

There were a variety of advice and skills I picked up along the way that helped me but, in essences, the most important that could be applied to any goal were the understanding of

  • being passionate about wanting the change(s)
  • believing in the purpose – The core reasons for the change(s) and the desired outcome(s)
  • having the curiosity to find solutions, walk the path and do what it takes.

It’s all still a work in progress, just like this blog, however, I hope you gain something from reading it.

To close, I’m creative, I love my life, I’m quirky and I love to help people with their personal development/transformation. So, if at all you want to reach out, please don’t hesitate and I will look FORWARD to riding along with you.

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  1. I’ve know Darren for a very long time and l’ve seen him go through the difficult times. Dispite all that he remained strong and positive. He goes out of his way to help others and I don’t have the words to describe his energy and enthusiasm. Wish you best Darren!

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  2. Darren has been very patient with me and we just had my ‘first’ session. It was actually more like my fourth but this time I was properly engaged with the process. I feel motivated, empowered, excited and so very grateful that Darren is giving me his time and expertise to grow as a person and become who I want to be. Much love! Peops, you should get on board!!

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  3. Before arranging to meet with Darren I didn’t really know what to expect from coaching or how it would work for me. However I thought I would give it a go. After our first session I left feeling truly empowered to achieve my goals, and in a position to set myself personal tasks to achieve what I see as a success.
    All this from a single session!
    I would highly recommend Darren to anyone needing that extra little bit of motivation.


  4. I have worked with Darren for the last year, and it started at a point of change in my life. I had just left the city and I started my own venture – Darren equipped me with the foundations I needed to understand how to bring balance to my all round well being. I had a great drive and motivation at the time but this heavily out weighed my balancing scales for financial health and time to spend with my family.

    Darren helped me gain insight into where I wanted to go and helped me carve out a path, for this, I am eternally grateful. I now have invaluable knowledge about the importance of growing from negative or fractional nervous disposition. I can capably approach new opportunities and my most recent adventure has begun with improving my personal health and lifestyle patterns.

    Working with a life coach like Darren allows you to get on with yourself and reach out to a support when necessary. He has a strong network that has developed my business growth and he supplies a consistent stream of regular documentation and files to build out your plans…


    1. Joe,

      Thank you for you so much for your comment – it’s much appreciated and I’m so pleased with how you feel about yourself and the life you are creating.

      It’s been a pleasure seeing you grow – Keep up the great work my friend. 😃


  5. I approached Darren in a phase when I didn’t know how to go forward as far as work concern and Darren helped me providing me with the tools I needed to finally move from that static situation. It’s all inside ourselves, but having someone who really pushes you into achieving your goals, giving you the extra push it’s great.
    I would definitely recommend Darren, he is supportive and very helpful, he gives a lot of information and suggestions, he is able to make you feel more confident and he went the extra mile when I needed support on how to deal with work related issues.
    Sometimes we just need someone who brings out the best in us and Darren is the man! Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Nicole 🙂

      Thank you so much for your feedback and recommendation. I’m so happy that you feel more in control. the only thing to do now is to keep that passion and momentum going.

      Much love and all the best for what lies ahead.

      Get in touch anytime 🙂 x


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