There is something in me which forces me to believe that I was not born to be what other men are… I am grown to maturity, and the season of development is going, or gone, and I am tortured with a hunger … not for fame — I have no desire for fame; I despise it — but for acquiring great influence in the direction of the happiness and benefit of humanity…

– Leo Tolstoy

Hi, welcome to my blog.

I’m Darren. I’m a photographer and wellness enthusiast with a passion for Personal Development, Biohacking, Travel and Food of the lean and clean variety and swaying more in the direction of (but not limited to) Lactose-free, Paleo and Whole Food

I’ve been involved in helping others make positive changes in their lives and of late, after redundancy and a massive change to my life, had to re-evaluate and focus on creating my photography business which has now grown into a small content production team – DB Production

Currently, Personal Coaching is on pause, however, in the interim, I will still be sharing and writing here – Health, Reading, Travel, etc…

I still believe in Passion, Purpose and Curiosity as keystones to the ongoing quest we find ourselves in for improvement for the betterment of ourselves and those around us – it’s always a work in progress and a game of balance…

Love. Work. Play. And keep laughing!

My story started another chapter…

It’s your story. Question is, what do you want the next chapter to be…?

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