What’s all this about: Cinnamon…

One of my favourite desserts as a child was the classic Bramleys apple pie with copious amounts of custard.  Who’s with me?

Cinnamon is the key spice of this old-time favourite, but do you know it’s hidden benefits?

In Eastern cultures, it’s not only a spice used for flavour and preserving food but also as medicine to treat illness and disease,

Nature created herbs, spices and whole foods to contain a myriad of compounds and, unlike a pharmaceutical drug that is typically a concentrated dose of just a single compound, it is this molecular diversity that makes “nature’s pharmacy” effective and safe with minimal side-effects. … Further experiments, both in the laboratory and in the clinic, have demonstrated that these compounds act as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agents that cultures have observed in using cinnamon medicinally since ancient times.

…Studies in both animals and humans show that cinnamon, at doses as low as 250mg (less than 1/4 teaspoon), has the ability to lower plasma triglycerides, total blood cholesterol and LDL, thus reducing overall lipid (fat) accumulation and the development of atherosclerosis that leads to blockages.

…Specific genes and proteins associated with insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism have been identified, essentially making cinnamon an “insulin mimic” due to these observed pharmacological effects in the body.

And this is just a ‘taste’. Here are links to some key benefits to get you going:

So, I add it to my bulletproof coffee every morning and I urge everyone to add it where they can and make it a daily part of your life and well being…

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