3VGear are giving 25% off orders…


Okay, so this is a great coupon to have…

I’ve long used Tactical Molle backpacks and shoulder bags for my camera gear and hiking esp my backpack as it has a cooling compartment to put hydration systems and holes to thread the hoses through.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just talking from user experience and sharing as I’ve seen this awesome discount code from 3VGear who are offering 25% off your entire order!!!

They are up to tactical standards, durable, comfortable and functional.  Not only that, for those of you who love to go off the grid and being prepared, they offer dry bags, padded heavy duty adventure duffels, hydration systems including water purification straws and filters – all great pricing when you consider the 25% discount and global shipping!!!

Copy this coupon code: 45JMRU6D76E2 and click here to see what they have – there’s no expiry but it could end anytime so don’t sit on it!


In this photo:

Here’s me on my trip to Auckland, NZ last April.  I’ve got my Molle Backpack with hydration straw doing its thing and you can see my Tripod strapped to the side – when using the hydration kit (and anywhere that I’m near water with my camera – boats, beaches, etc) I line the inner compartment for my camera gear with a dry bag.  Better safe than sorry and adds next to no weight.

NZ MedRes-26
North Head, Devonport


In this photo, I’m in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Molle Shoulder bag – travel tripod fixed nicely to the side…

EL -2
Sofia, Bulgaria


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