What is the next new health tip for 2018…?

I don’t know about you guys but I follow a few health hashtags on the old Instagram and a lot of what I saw last year was the rise of Bowls – Fruit or rice bowls, bowls with Acai, chia seeds, cultured dairy products and colourful images that make the fruit look as if it could glow in the dark!

Wellness, Mindfulness and Yoga have swept the globe and it’s fair to say that mindsets, behaviours, habits are shifting in a positive way – we’re eating healthier (and letting the world know) and being Vegan was the new black for 2017. But what can we expect in 2018? Should you follow the Vegans? become Low Carb? Switch to Shakes? Go Dairy-Free? Become Bulletproof? Turn the key and unlock becoming a Yogi? rewind the clock and go Paleo? Burn more of what you’re storing with intermittent fasting? Detox juicing…?

Arrrrgh! How do you know what works and how’d you figure out what’s going to work for you…?

Don’t panic! I reckon the only way to find out is to trust yourself, be sure about your goals and experiment. These 10 suggestions should help you on your way to defining, reaching and acting on your health goals for 2018.

  1. We are all different – It is my strong view (one shared with several people out there) that what works for one may not work so well, or in the same way, for another. We are all different and we can react differently to practices and diets so be open-minded, see your GP for allergy and tolerance testing and go from there. Our reasons are different too, so be honest with yourself –
    • Why is it important for you to hit your goal?
    • What will happen if you don’t hit your goal?
    • How amazing will you feel when you hit your goal?
  2. You get out what you put in – Health starts in the kitchen, Standard. Aligning your food with your fitness and weight goals is key.  Are you leaning up, wanting better endurance, better stamina, bulking, reducing/increasing blood pressure or simply wanting to just eat healthier?
  3. Do your research and be open-minded and curious – What can be done for you to reach your goal? I am a snorer and one of my diet goals was to see what I could do to reduce my partner’s sleepless nights!  I discovered these dietary recommendations:
    1. Reducing dairy -products like cow’s milk are very mucus-forming and can be the root of several inflammatory and respiratory ailments.
    2. Tea with Honey before bed – okay, this seems a bit old school and proper but the warm steam and the amazing health properties of honey help to relax nasal passages and soothe the throat.  These are just some quick examples of what research brought to light…
  4. From your research, what actions/changes are you prepared to take that you can commit too to reach your goal? Set a plan and create a new routine, change your shopping and eating out habits, try doing food prep and if you have to ‘have a drink’ have a G’n’T or look for alternatives.
  5. If you’re not measuring you’re not making progress – You may find this one funny, but those before and after photos do work! So, jump on those scales and bust out that measuring tape – Don’t be shy, you have nothing to hide from yourself because this is the start – accept and own it cos it’s gonna change.
  6. Movement – Whatever your goal is, movement is all part of a well functioning body so if you’re training for something or just being healthy, find some activities that you can do to support your goals.
  7. Time – When do you want to achieve your goal?  This one is up to you.  have you got a function coming up? A presentation, reunion, wedding? These are always great motivators for you being the healthiest you that you can be.  A little tip, aim for this date but don’t beat yourself up if you overshoot it – it’s just a guide (but don’t be too relaxed about hitting your goal either!).
  8. Sharing is caring – We get by with a little help from our friends and family.  Share your goals and changes with those close to you.  They pick you up when you’re  down and encourage you 200% of the way.
  9. Break it down –  break your main goal into smaller milestones. This gives you a boost and sense of achievement at points throughout your journey (it also ties in with the last point giving you moments to celebrate with your loved ones!!).
  10. Finally, Don’t make excuses – you’ve done the research and planning, you know what to do and why you’re doing it – Don’t let yourself sway for the plan. Put this plan somewhere visible to remind you every day so you can get into the routine and develop a behaviour that will see you through to the end and beyond (digital calendars, on the fridge, etc… you know the drill here).  Think about all those people that make NYE gym resolutions – where are they now?  New memberships always go up in January but, according to sources, by February attendance falls by roughly 80%!!  I guess their goals didn’t mean what they did in January! Lol.  Don’t let this be you 🙂

It’s cliché to say, but you can go as far as you want to go in achieving your goals – It’s your life and your body. Make goals that matter to you and are realistically possible and go from there.

Good luck and please feel free to comment, let me know how you’re going and as questions.



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