An Audience with Marcus Wareing

Happy New Year everyone and I hope this month has got you off on the good foot for the rest of the year.

It’s always a funny time of year, after the madness and indulgence of the festive season.  Sometimes leaving us stuffed and in various kinds of recovery – financially and from all the celebrations and quality time!  You may even have dabbled in Dry-January, Veganuary or an of the other abstinence waves that pop-up around now.

I personally, I never really feel the need to jump on those band-wagons and, though a fan of moderation and moderating moderation and also feeling in the state of recovery, I find it easier to get back on track with a routine I’m going to carry through the rest of the year –  one of my key focuses over the past 2 years has been leaning towards diet.  Not dieting, but my everyday diet to promote good health, the efficiency of your body and the demand for resources (farm to plate) – process, packaging, travel etc…

It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to sit in and listen to celebrated Chef, Marcus Wareing as he talked about his journey, his inspiration and his motivations especially his early years, spending time with his father – one of his biggest influences – watching farmers growing and digging up produce for them to deliver around the local area to fulfill orders.  He continued to talk about his next venture of returning to these roots and growing his own farm-to-folk produce (including honey).

“If you want anything, effort and application is the way to get it…”  – Mr Wareing Senior.

This is such an amazing thing to do (if you have the time and space) in terms of taking control of the above.  And for some, it may be easier said than done. So what can we do to eat responsibly and get the most out of our diets without joining fade programmes that we know we’re not going to stick to?

  • Choosing a diet that works for your body is probably the most challenging task and it greatly depends on body types and goals. Me, I’ve found that being largely dairy-free, low-carb and high natural fats (organic – animal and veg-based) really works for me.  I have fewer moments of that uncomfortable heavy bloatedness (less gas!! lol) and I feel active for longer throughout the day.  Mentally, I am alert with less ‘brain-fog’ (Bulletproof Coffee also does help with that).  You may want to look into these dietary philosophies as a starting point for your research:
    • Paleo
    • Ketogenic
    • Bulletproof
    • Low-Carb
    • High-Fat
    • Intermittent Fasting – be sure to research correctly for gender
  • Where does your food come from? Take some time to learn about where your supermarket and favourite brands get their food from – is it local? Organic? what process do they use to grow/rear?
  • Nutrition/Allergy – It’s worth looking into the effects that certain foods have on your body and mind to really understand what works for you – Some testing may be required – a visit to an allergy doctor could shine some light here but if you do the work, you can find some useful free information on the above diet philosophies to get you started.
  • Balance/Efficiency – What I’ve noticed that a lot is that people do is consume more than they need.  The trouble here is that your body will store excess energy and pass the excess – wasted growing/rearing, wasted processing & packaging, wasted delivery to store, wasted nutrients, etc.. You get the idea – Eat and shop to support your goals, your body, your energy output

Trust me, if you put in the work, you’ll get the results and could very well change your life for the better – healthier, more energy, better moods, longevity and a clearer conscience that you’re minimising your global footprint…

Have a great 2018 and please leave me a comment…

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