Tough Mudder Log: W2, D6

Whoop Whoop… Week 2 of training is done! 10 weeks to go!!!

This week I’m absolutely impressed with myself.  Not only have I kept this up solidly for 2 weeks but, I survived a spin class and to keep up with my bodies demand, I’ve upped my caloric intake to keep my energy up and provide the well-needed nutrients for body maintenance, repair and growth.

Additionally this week, I’ve started using a Magnesium Oil Spray after showering and on those troublesome areas of my body (especially my knees – see W2 D5 post).

This Week’s Top Tip: My weekly fix of berries haven’t been surviving the week so I decided to freeze them!  Now, they late longer, I have a bigger selection and they chill me shakes…

One thing I noticed, I was having too much of a high ‘good fat’ diet.  How did I know this? Well, my ‘morning evacuation’ was a little odd so when I was down at Holland & Barrett I got talking to another advocate of the diet (as well as bulletproof), a qualified nutritionist and blogger.  She mentioned to cut back and see what happens.  So I did and what do you know – result!  So, I have my Bulletproof coffee in the morning and 1 Avocado through the day and my usual type of dinner.  What I cut out was adding coconut oil to my morning/lunch shakes.

If you’re following the ‘good fat’ path, keep an eye on this.  The last thing you want to be doing is wasting any fat supplements you’re taking on top of your diet (in my case: Coconut Oil, MCT Oil and Avocados).



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