Tough Mudder Log: W2, D5

It’s nearly that end of the second week of this journey and I’m not going to lie, this morning was the toughest so far to get my butt up and moving.  Last night, not only did the Best’s Spin Class set my legs on fire but it also burnt a lot of energy on top of what I had spent in the morning.

In preparation for the class, I did a bit of carb loading for lunch and 2 hrs prior to the start time to give me the energy but still, it was a mean workout (Legs and Core) that really was enjoyable and definitely pushed what I thought were my boundaries – Damn you ‘Limiting Beliefs’ and take that!!

On a side note, to explain the header image, I’m celebrating 400 followers on my Instagram account please pop by for a visit and check out the things I post.  I promise to follow back too (just saying) – @wayoftheDRGNFLY

So, in today’s video, I share a past experience and talk about how lately 3 factors have contributed to the improved feeling and performance of my joints (my knees in particular)…



Magnesium Oil


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