Tough Mudder Log: W2, D5

It’s nearly that end of the second week of this journey and I’m not going to lie, this morning was the toughest so far to get my butt up and moving. Β Last night, not only did the Best’s Spin Class set my legs on fire but it also burnt a lot of energy on top of what I had spent in the morning.

In preparation for the class, I did a bit of carb loading for lunch and 2 hrs prior to the start time to give me the energy but still, it was a mean workout (Legs and Core) that really was enjoyable and definitely pushed what I thought were my boundaries – Damn you ‘Limiting Beliefs’ and take that!!

On a side note, to explain the header image, I’m celebrating 400 followers on my Instagram account please pop by for a visit and check out the things I post. Β I promise to follow back too (just saying) – @wayoftheDRGNFLY

So, in today’sΒ video, I share a past experience and talk about how lately 3 factors have contributed to the improved feeling and performance of my joints (my knees in particular)…



Magnesium Oil



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