Tough Mudder Log: W2, D3

Apologies for missing out yesterday’s post – the day kinda got away from me and due to rain couldn’t do my ‘walk home’ video 😦

I’ll look for some cover next time so this won’t happen again! 🙂

To fill you in here’s what I got up to at the gym:


  • Rowing 1000m tension 6


  • Pyramid up to 5 rep max then 3 sets:
    • Declined, then flat & then inclined dumbbell flys – starting w 1×10@12kg (upping by 2kg), reaching to 1×5@20kg and super-setting w 10 push-ups.
    • Bent over rows (I added these to the above, just turned around when the bench was in the Incline position, ) – same weights as above.
  • 3 Sets:
    • Wide Grip Chin-ups x 10
    • Hanging Leg Raises x 10
    • Wide Push-ups x 15


What was on the headphones?

TED Radio Hour – Hidden

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