Tough Mudder Log: Week 1, Day 4

Wow, what a day.

It all started with the usual work (Photo editing) followed by an inspiring meeting at The V&A.  I planned a steady one to store my energy for tonight’s HiiT class at Best’s Bootcamp in the Embankment.

In the spirit of full disclosure, they haven’t asked me to write this.  I’m just sharing something good with you that I’ve discovered as part of this journey and because it was well worth it.

Best’s Bootcamp is a vibrant and growing community of fitness loving people right in the heart of London.  The facilities not only have excellent equipment that’s best suited for the classes, it also boasts comfort and convenience all the way through to the changing rooms with creature comforts like Airstream Showers!

Worried about not being fit enough? No problem (Jamaican lingo is still strong after my recent trip)! They cater both for the newbie and the seasoned pro. Everyone’s welcome and all will get a run for their money with some serious Hiit and Spin classes.

Rocking up for the 18:30 session along with a couple of other nervous newbie-faces (rallied by the same friend – Thank you Samantha 🙂 ), we got the chance to meet and briefly chat with the front of house staff and trainers.  The old saying that exercise gives you energy rings so true and especially here – All have a really uplifting friendly vibe and it’s easy to tell that they are a bunch that love what they’re doing – My kinda people.

So, the only thing left to do is ‘Go Hard or Go Home’… Er, well, that’s not actually their motto – it’s more akin to ‘Go as Hard as you can, add a little bit more and then when you’re done stick around for a shake, go home or do another class’…

follow them on Instagram @bestsbootcamp

Anyway, VIDEO TIME… This was taken just after the session and I warn you, thanks to our trainer Niamh (aka Firecracker), I’m properly knackered… 🙂 You’ll see why!

>>>> Also, Comments, FeedBack and Advice are always welcome 🙂 <<<<


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