Airport Lounges access for £15


Travelling as much as I have, I’ve realised just how great going to an airport lounge is when you need it.  After Bali, I managed to squeeze a visit to a hidden beach on the way to the airport and, once through customs, I went straight to a lounge showered, had a beer and ate from the continuous buffet and at this one, I got a free foot massage!

The only downer was I had to pay £25 for the privilege – but when you fact all the above, this still isn’t a bad fee to pay – for a non-member (some lounges don’t even accept non-members but there are usually a few to try).

Anyway, after paying, I decided to apply for the Amex card I’d been researching as part of my goal to acquire as many flight miles as possible – See ‘How to Travel the World (Without Being a Millionaire)’, which came with Lounge Club card and 2 free visits per year (now used in Jamaica – post coming soon).

So, when I saw this offer for membership with Priority Pass, I had to share it – For frequent travellers, it does make #TravelLife easier!!


Click on this banner for more.

10% off on all Priority Pass annual memberships

Offer available to the UK Only




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