That awesome feeling when you book your next flight…

Today is an exciting day, I have just booked my flights for April, a round-trip, to Auckland, NZ with stop-overs on the return trip in Brisbane and Bali…!!
April might seem like strange time to travel and thinking back, I’d have to agree however, this trip is time critical and cannot wait as  I’ll be meeting my new nephew and new god-daughter for the first time, celebrating an old-school mate’s 40th in Brisbane and visiting a friend who recently passed away.  All in all, it’s a mixed bag of soul inflating experiences.
To top it off, when booking my flights, I was surprised to find that I got this round trip (using the multiple destination feature in Skyscanner – see my article on Finding Flights (That Don’t Break The Bank)) for just over £1k.  That’s right – LDN to NZ, NZ to AUS, AUS to BALI and then BALI to LDN!! Dayyymmmm.
It is rare that I’d take a trip this far without my lovely wife but she’ll still be teaching – at this price, I might end up doing this more often…!! lol 🙂
Yes, you could say that I’m pretty excited and I have it on good authority that Ubud and Gilli are the best places in Bali to visit.  Reading up and looking at images online, I’ll have to agree, however, the Maldives I think may have set a too high a standard and ruined most other places for me to snorkel and dive at!!
 I’m open to more suggestions – So if you know any secret spots, activities and or food places – don’t be shy, let me have it 🙂
UPDATE: See images from this trip here

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