How to be Bulletproof

Being Bulletproof = Massive Resilience, Highest Cognitive Performance, Effortless Weight Regulation, Reduced Ageing and Fertility

Eating healthy is one thing, but have you ever wanted more from your food?   You’re not the only one, however, where do we start?!!  A nutrition course seems to long winded and there are so many plans and fads out there with loads of supplements – it’s easier to just do nothing and carry no, right?!

Wrong. I found (more like I was introduced to…) Bulletproof Diet – an easy to follow action plan that teaches you how to tweak your shopping to filling it with items that reduce toxins and increase your bodies efficiency and performance (More brain power, more energy, better functionality, effortless weight regulation, health condition reversal or simply better general health, longevity and peace of mind).  Couple that with a morning brew of Bulletproof Coffee and your mornings get a clear minded kick start!

Note: I want you guys to know that I only ever write or suggest things I’ve tried, tested and believe in – after all, this is my journey too xx

After trying it, noticing the difference and then chatting with friends over this past weekend, I thought I’d put this together to give a better explanation and serve as a better resource than me ranting over a pint. do know that we love having the

One thing is for sure, we do love having the Bulletproof Coffee as part of our morning routine to wake us up, kick start the day and, because of the good fats, it reduces that unwanted snacking during the morning – It really does get us going in the morning and anytime I need a bit of a boost.

So, what is it (other than highly recommended!!)?

Bulletproof coffee is:

  • Perculated freshly ground *upgraded coffee beans – we have enough for 2 mugs of coffee
  • 2tbsps of grass-fed butter (1tbsp per person) – Anchor butter is from grass fed cows.
  • 2tbsps of the Octane Oil (1tbsp per person) – A refined Medium Chain Triglyceride that is 18x stronger than coconut oil!!)
  • Blended together, poured into mugs and enjoyed (Tip: we add a few drops of favourite coffee flavouring before blending to really nice it up!!)

*upgraded – a drying process that reduces mould spores that are commonly found in dried foods (coffee & spices, etc). These spores can introduce toxins into the body.

You can get the Starter Kit and see what you think or, if you don’t mind coconut flavoured coffee, switch it for the Octane oil – it won’t have the same great effect but will have a positive effect.

We then decided to watch the course and try the diet.

Note: I think it’s key to point out that, no matter what your goals are or your level of commitment, if you deviate it’s not the end of the world – we are human after all!!  It’s a however, a great roadmap to follow. Good health always starts on the inside and what you’re feeding it with.

So what is it?

The Bulletproof Diet is a programme that is the brain child of one Dave Asprey and his team of specialists and was born because Dave had artritis at the age of 30, he’d made his millions and invested it into hacking the human body to achieve:

  • Massive Resilience
  • Highest Cognitive Performance
  • Effortless Weight Regulation
  • Reduced Aging
  • Fertility

It’s these points that spurred my interest – Isn’t this what most people want for their body and mind? I mean, we’re not going to live for ever but it would be nice to be as able and capable for as long as possible… No?

In Dave’s case, he jokes about wanting to live forever! lol.

The diet stands alone as a health regime aimed at to reduce the levels of toxins that get introduced into your body by certain foods.  It’s a road map to health that, in it’s traffic light chart, highlights the foods you should avoid and those you should consume more of.

To name a couple of key points:

Eliminate (or massively reduce)  Sugar and Wheat Grain Carbs

It’s aligned with reducing/eliminating sugars and wheat products from your diet (which I’m totally on board with) opting for whole food carbs instead and organic wherever possible – the added cost is an investment in your health.

High Fat

It also promotes high (quality) fat consumption – Fat from grass fed protein, grass-fed butter and Ghee and coconut oil.

Since starting, I have noticed that my stomach area feels less inflamed – helping the abs to come through, I have heaps of energy anyway but I don’t feel as burnt out at the close of my days and, I have noticed that the moments of fog in my brain have reduced.  I continue to sleep well and I feel I’m more consistent and stable with my general sense of being – this and the fact that I know I’m reducing toxins and inflammation into my body adds to this overall sense of well-being and calm.

Check out the website here or go straight to the range of good fats here to power up you morning brew


#NB: Again, what I love about this programme is that no matter what your goals are (weight loss, weight gain or simply eating healthier) you can decide how rigidly you stick to the road map – it’s up to you. Also, other than tweaking your normal shopping, you will benefit with or without the addition supplements, however, I do recommend trying at least the bulletproof coffee!!!

Shop Bulletproof Store UK 728x90


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