Moringa: the miracle food…

Recently, I have been introduced to this superfood that, by some accounts, is hailed as a miracle food  with some amazing healing properties…
As you can imagine, And as we know well ‘if something sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t!’. However, being me – always looking for new natural healthy additions to my diet – my curiousity started going nuts and  I began to investigating these claims and, though there is still a lot of scientific research to be done and cases to be proven, this food is definitely a nutrient packed source and has a rich traditional history of use for curing ailments…

Here’s a few facts to get you going

Key facts:

* Resilient tree growing all year round

* Nutrient packed

* Iron rich

* Anti-inflammatory

* Antioxidant

* Fight free radicals

* Protects cardiovascular system

* Support brain health

* Helps protect liver
Various uses include:

* Combats malnutrition

* Combats iron deficiency

Traditional uses:

* Tissue protection

* prevent diseases

* diabetes

* heart disease

* anemia

* arthritis

* liver disease, and…

* respiratory, skin, and digestive disorders


* Wikipedia





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