Travel Hacking: Finding Flights (That Don’t Break The Bank)

Continuing on from the great suggestions that Breana outlined in her post ‘How to Travel the World (Without Being a Millionaire)‘, I thought I would expand on one aspect that she covered, Finding Cheap Tickets.

Let’s have a recap:

  • We’ve saved or earn extra money/points.
  • We’ve chosen an off-peak date/time
  • And we’ve now found some cheapest locations to visit.

In this post, I’m going to share with you something I discovered quite recently from another keen traveller and after using it myself, I agree that it is a great find and I’m sure you’ll agree.

I recently purchased a SkyScanner Multi-City trip in April 2017 from London to Auckland to Brisbane to Bali and finally back to London for just over £1000!  Yes, That is literally a trip to the other side of the planet for just over £1000 with SkyScanner

Choose an Off-Peak Time of the Year

It’s a no-brainer that if you’re travelling during peak times, you’re going to be paying peak prices.  If you can, try off-peak.  Not only will you get better prices on your flights and accommodation but, where ever you go will quieter so tours, sites and activities can be more at your leisure.

And, if you’re stuck for ideas read on…

Finding Cost-Effective Places to Visit

Not sure where to take your next cost effective trip?  Fear not, if you use this feature in Skyscanner, you’ll find inspiration.

  • Open flight search engine in a private window – if you don’t the site will remember your cookies and your future searches will mysteriously increase in price the more you repeat the same search (!!)
  • Enter you departure airport
  • Enter your destination as ‘Take me anywhere/Everywhere’ – I know it sounds weird but trust me. this will now search all flights to anywhere.
  • For dates, click in the departure field and select ‘Whole Month’ at the top of the calendar view – this will now search flights available for the whole month.
  • Enter number of passengers
  • Hit ‘search’

You will now be presented with all the lowest fares for your chosen month leaving from your location and all you have to do is research them to decide which suits you.

Here’s the top ten from my search (as at the time of writing). It’s worth noting that these are one-way prices and, if you click on each country, you’ll be shown the different prices for it’s cities/towns.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 13.24.04.png

Finding The Best Pricing on Tickets.

There are a lot of great prices out there are all great but I do recommend searching in and comparing against all them before you make that decision to buy – but be careful not to fall into the cookie jar or you will pay for it!!

Falling into the cookie jar – Searching repeatedly in these sites whilst doing your research and purchasing without clearing your cookies first – the prices slowly creep up and that’s money out of your pocket and into someone else cookie jar!

Examples of a search:

Yesterday’s price (14th Feb 2017)


The next day’s pricing for the same parameters as above (without clearing my cookies)


As above, but after I had cleared my cookies and re-conducted the search in a private browsing window:


As you can see, the price when clearing cookies is even cheaper than my first result.

So, I clicked on the new pricing and for a return trip, this is the pricing that was returned:


On another site I got a slightly better deal for the exact same flights…  By a quid!!


And there we have it.  Your new process for finding somewhere to go and finding cost effective flights…

I look forward to hearing how you get along with this so please do get in touch and send travel pics.

Enjoy travelling more…

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