Looking back on 2016…

Well, what a year!!

I’m sure that by now, you’ve read and learnt a lot from the reflection posts that are so rampant at the beginning of a year and along with the geopolitical issues we face and the surprising need – in this day and age –  to be fighting for equal rights we too have our individual highs and lows…

For me and DRGNFLY360, the last 6-months have been busy and challenging.  Starting off strong, I launched my coaching practice, started an event photography business (alongside the wedding photography partnership set-up last year), volunteered as the Director of Programs for a live events association creating networking events for #eventprofs and, maintained my role in Business Development/Salesforce Administrator for my day job.

Yes, you probably got tired just reading that and, for the most part, it was all going really well – I was tracking well:

  • I donated 100 hours of coaching to those that wanted it (I fell slightly short – 78)
  • Of this time spent, 4 people took me on over a 6 month period and I was able to support them in:
    • their personal circumstance, organisation, and motivation
    • their start-ups
    • helping them to seek out and pursue the roles they wanted.
  • I was getting Event photography work from my association Network
  • I successfully stepped into my role as Director of Programs for the Events Association.
  • Traveled overseas for my day job pushing forward our initiatives…
  • And, on the side, I launched my Travel Gallery and Blog, Exquisite-locations.com (insta: @exquisitelocations FB/twitter: @equizlocations).

As I said, it was all tracking well… Until, in the last half of the year – I damaged my left ankle and had to have painkillers (I hate those things!!), followed by the untimely passing of a friend which stunned me and had expected effects on productivity.  This was then nicely topped off with a kick-arse flu!! – Whoa… And then Brexit!!

As such, my posting and health truly suffered and so too did my spirit…

But, not going down without a fight, with my very supportive wife, and once the painkillers and initial grief were passed, I was beginning to get back into the driving seat and grasp everything once again by the horns.

It’s heading in the right direction and I didn’t to any real damage at any of the above.  The issue is that I could’ve done more, however, some things do need to happen and if they don’t, the impacts could’ve been greater.

Lessons learned

It’s easy to look at the negative things that happen to us and be filled with regret, doubts or some form of worry but, the optimist in me has found the silver lining.  The takeaways/learnings/opportunities:

Here is what I have pulled out of the last 6-months:

  • Life is too short to not be doing the things you love and it can be gone at any time.
  • Focus – being everywhere and doing too much is like being nowhere at all – simplify and focus on what really matters to you and the direction you want to be in.
    • For me that means:
      • Time – for of it with My wife, family, and friends
      • Health – if you’re not investing in or making time for health, you’re making time for illness.
      • Inspire – helping others to do more of the things they love and have the life they’ve been dreaming about.
      • Connecting – Via Travel and Travel Photography – Sharing how beautiful the world is by creating enriching and valuable experiences – Personal and professionally.
      • MRS – Multiple Revenue Streams – Passive where possible.

What lessons are you taking into 2017…?

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