6 Tips for staying motivated during winter

If you’re anything like me and find winter one of the hardest times of the year to stay focused then you will find these tips very helpful.

For me, as the temperature drops to form on the cars in the mornings so too does my motivation to stick to my morning routine of hitting the gym between 05:30 and 06:30 before work.

It’s started already and it didn’t help that I got the flu just as Autumn kicked in which slowed me down and not just there, my productivity was hit too, my eating plans went out the window and I’m just not running anywhere close to peak performance… Aaargh!!  It’s frustrating  and time to get back into the groove.

So how can we tap into our peak performance mindset and stay motivated throughout the winter?

These 5 tips will get you started…

  • Simulate early sunlight – invest in a lamp the recreates the slow rise of the sun.  I’ve had the Philips Hue system for a while but only started using the Wake-up feature since last winter, when I was pushing forward with my first physical transformation and going to the gym 6 times a week!!
  • Do something to shock you out of slumber mode – Doing something to really wake you up will snap you out that transition phase and minimise the chances that you’ll drift back off to la la land.  Splashing water on your face or jumping straight in the shower is perfect.
  • Give yourself goals or a routine – Having a big goal that you can break into to smaller goals to achieve or having a routine to stick to will help you maintain and gain momentum.  Whether you’re waking up to hit the gym or wanting to get that hour in for reading/study before work, set a specific time for it in your diary, set goals/challenges for each moment and commit.
  • Start off small  – Starting off small will help you to put some achievements behind you, keep you going and, later, build the challenges up as you get more and more comfortable.
  • Keep it visibility – What to you want to achieve and why? Keeping your goals visible will keep them front of mind – phone reminders help but they are too easily switched off of snoozed – write it down and put it somewhere like your fridge or bedroom mirror.
  • Eat foods that support your goals – Winter is a time for being snug and it’s easy to get into the habit of snacking on those comfort meals – I love a good shepherd’s pie or bangers and mash on occasion, but these heavy foods leave you wanting to get in that afternoon siesta and feeling like to you need a pint of coffee.  Eat lighter and eat foods that give you energy without bogging you down and filling you with toxins.
  • Plan something for the summer – nothing warms you up more than thinking about the holiday you have to look forward to, especially if it’s a summer holiday!!  Even a mini break or two could be something to have on the horizon?!

Let’s see how you go and feel free to share your progress and tell if these tips are working for you.  We can support each other 😉

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