Second Nature – hard to change, but not impossible…

Building on top of my post ‘Ever Wonder If You Could Be Doing More With Your Life…?‘, one of the things I think about often is ‘how can I help more…?’

This question leads me searching internally and I reflect on the various moments in my life where life’s had a firm grip and the feeling of suffocating slowly with my hands tied – Not feeling  in control or heading in a positive direction and having an unhealthy early lifestyle – things were far less than ideal. The reflection develops as I did from that point – the long journey towards change – situation, behaviour, lifestyle and what I did to change.

It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t fast and I remember, after making the decision, it all started with a nice cup of tea made by yours truly, just how I like it!! Thinking back, it makes me laugh, but seriously, it was a great cuppa, it gave me a chance to think about what I wanted, what to tackle first and it marks the moment of the beginning. The first brick in the road towards Me 2.0!!

That first brick has led me to where I am now. The learning, the experiences the direction and the travel – it funny, as I’m writing this I’m also enjoying a cuppa!!

All new road starts with one brick at a time, one step at a time…

Having been a personal coach now for just over 9 months, I’ve given numerous single sessions but the biggest successes have been achieved by those I’ve worked with over 6-months. These individuals have all made positive changes. Whether they wanted to work on behaviour, mindset or other areas and the varying levels of progress is closely tied to the ‘why’ and the ‘how badly’ they are driven towards their goals.
Looking back to the beginning of each programme, it’s great to see the progress and how far they’ve come. My favourite is seeing any changes in mindset and/or behaviour. Witnessing that shift from learning to second nature is amazing.

The changes are like driving or a career – at some point, we were new to it. We had to learn it and now, we do it practically in ‘autopilot mode’ – Habits, mindsets and behaviours can, with effort, be reprogrammed. You can drop old ones and develop new ones that ones you want.

It all starts with the first brick, step one…

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