The Goods #12

Reflection: So this week, I’ve been thinking about ‘my story’ (as one does) – You know, the story that I’ll be leaving behind, years from now…
On Wednesday I was chatting with a coaching client (one I’ve been working with for nearly 6 months) about their story and how he has been steering and rewriting it towards his desired outcome.  I added how the actions he takes, even though he’s the lead character in his story, will have an effect on the stories of those around him.

“what sort of influence do you want to be on their stories?”.
“A positive influence of course!”

What he said next truly reinforces my purpose here

“Just like you’ve had on mine”

I paused for a moment and soaked that in for tick, and a realisation  hits me – he’s right of course. This is having a positive influence on his story but it doesn’t stop there, what’s even more amazing is the knock effect on everything that happens with those he then interacts with. His business, his fiancé, his son, family, friends and so on. Like the ripples on the water after you’ve dropped in a stone.  The greatest impact is immediate and centralised but the effects continue rolling out and still making a difference.

My story is a part of their story and I’m a part of theirs and so on down the chain… including you!!

… Yep, it looks like I’m going to need more stones!!

How’s your story going…?

What I’m enjoying: Honestly, I’m enjoying learning to scratch again!! Don’t worry, I haven’t got an unsightly rash!!  I’m talking Vinyl!!  I can feel the habit picking up…
Quote for the week: When you change the way you feel, it changes the way you think. When you change the way you think, you change the way you deal with everything in life. – Sheila Burke
Book on the go/New finds: This week I haven’t actually grabbed a book (!!).  Too busy writing and spinning tunes.  I did, however, spend some time with Blinkist and have listened to ‘The Creator’s Code’, ‘Mindful Work’ and ‘Rewire’ all of which I recommend.

Tip of the week: Try reducing your white carbs for a week and see how you feel.  If you weigh yourself and take a few body measurements at the start, you may be surprised at the end of the week…!!

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