The Goods #11

Another busy week is behind us, the Euros have been a bag of mixed emotions and I hope you’re planning a successful week ahead.
Before we get there however, I have a few things to share wit you – 3 tips (verbal comms, managing tasks from multiple streams with Evernote and a tip of the week), a Paolo Coelho quote, my book on the go and a cheeky new guilty pleasure…
  • Coaching: I gave 2 impromptu sessions this week after being contacted by clients needing a well-needed chat – one related to their job and the other was of a more personal nature.
  • Our friends welcomed their baby daughter in the world
  • I once again have technic 1210’s to listen to my collection of vinyl ranging from 70’s Motown and Funk, 80’s/90’s Hip-hop, Downtempo, Broken Beat and Reggae 7’s (just to name a few)… 
Something learnt: This week I lost an Event Photography gig!!! After being recommended to a client, I was contacted and asked if I was free that evening to do an event head-shot gig in London.  I explained that usually move around but, yeah, head-shots are no problem, I’ll do the gig! the chat continues and as it does, I find out that the venue was wall-to-wall mirrors… Not great for headshots!! – Daaaamn… I don’t own an on-site backdrop!!  My confidence slipped on the conversation and as the call ended, I scrambled the internet to find a resource. Calumet came through, I called back to reassure the client but (due to the urgency of the call-out) they had another response who said he had the gear and was free.
They went with him.  Daaaamn!  Whether he had the gear or not, it’s interesting to analyse the results of the 2 conversations and the impression each one left with the client. The client couldn’t see the gear but they felt more confident with the language and delivery of only one of us.
This reminded me of the characteristics of verbal communication that I’d learnt and taught back when I  trained call centres – 38% of communication is voice tonality. This changes to 100% when talking over the phone.
  • Characteristics:
        • Pitch/Frequency (high-pitched, deep, mono, dynamic, inflection)
        • Speed/Tempo
        • Timbre – Characteristics
        • Volume
So, should I get a call like this again, I’ve now got the resource and I’m sure the gig will be mine!
What I’m enjoying: An early summer clean-out of Evernote.  I’ve been enjoying a tidy up and simplifying my Evernote with the use of saved searches, tagging and a method for using these together to help me manage my priorities in one place from various Project/Business notebooks.
I’ve created a ‘Today’ search that fields all my reminders that are due/overdue. ‘Doing’ through to ‘Done’ are Tasks pulled from all my notebooks whilst keeping the note in the original location – Brilliant!!  No more juggling and rummaging around and missing items.  I just tag it!
All notes that have a task in them are tagged with ‘Todo’ and a priority level (1.High, 2.Med, 3.Low, 4.Ongoing, 5.Someday).
Each saved search string then just searches for ‘todo’ along with the priority.
Eg 1: tag:todo tag:1.High
Eg 2: tag:todo tag:1.High tag:doing
Eg 3: tag:todo tag:1.High tag:done
Evernote Shortcut Screenshot
Quote for the week: “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist.
Book on the go: The Money Book by Jasmine Birtles – I read parts of this book when I didn’t have a penny to my name nearly 10 years ago when I arrived in London (Don’t worry, I paid for the book!!).  Along with NLP and tapping into my own potential, the insights from this book added to my Entrepreneur mindset.  A bit dated but it still stokes the mental fire and has some valued links – A great reference book for both personal and business finances.
Guilty Pleasure: James Corden’s carpool Karaoke!! Don’t ask, I just find it hilarious to watch.  I’m loving the concept…  Don’t sit there and Judge me!! lol.
Tip of the week: You’re more likely to achieve the goals that aligning with who you are and what you value in life.

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