The Goods #9

Hi everyone,

I hope you were all able to get to some of the awesome weather we’ve been having (UK)?  Summer really starting to show its face!

For me, the week has been productive – a massive project was completed at work, I’ve met up with some amazing people, professionally and socially.

In this post, I have for you a little reflection, the newest productivity app that has really been a game changer and an update on the FB page.

Reflection – this week has been amazing. That summer feeling is here and it’s great to see the city rising to the occasion. To add to this, I caught up with a friend, Rachel, who’s visiting from NZ who Ive not seen in 10 years (!!!) – a great catch up and wishing her all the best her 3-month travelling jaunt!? Yes, that’s right, 3 whole months of great food/cultures/locations, Air BnB, hotels and meeting whoever along the way… (He says as he looks enviously over at his pile of Nat Geo Traveller magazines…!!).

Next, totally over-shadowed by above but I love it anyway, I got to spend some quality-time with my 50mm lens in London yesterday evening.

Photo of the day is this post’s cover and here are a couple more quintessentially British scenes from the London underground…

On a coaching tip – I’ve given two personal sessions which, each having their own uniqueness, assisted my clients to dissect and navigate their way closer towards achieving the things they want – From turning attention inwards to listen to their true selves, having spot-checks, realignment with their paths to channeling focus on that one big goal or challenging task pending and on their mind. Seeing people have these self-realisation and tapping into their potential really is the greatest job in the world!

On a client success tip – Big shout out to Alice, who has been training hard and recently completed ‘Moonwalk’, a 26ml walkathon to raise money for the fight against breast cancer – nice work and well done to you!!

My purpose is very clear and helping you achieve yours is what I’m looking forward doing it more..!! 😉

This slides nicely into the app I want to share…

Emmerge – Ever wanted to easily create, schedule and manage tasks from emails (the dream!!) or tag them so you can dig them up easily later whilst maintain the fictitious ‘inbox zero’?

Perhaps you and your team collaborate using Slack and want to attach important emails to your team channels?

Maybe, you want to do it all but for all your accounts and in one place…?! Would that be nice?

How about automatically separating subscriptions into another folder and clearing the clutter…?

… You need this in your life! – a game-changer and I’ve been using it this week as my primary emailing app for my accounts that tend to have actions generate from them.

iOS & Mac

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Other apps that got heavy use this week:

Blinkist | Evernote | Pocket | Feedly | Buffer |

Facebook Page – welcome to this weeks new followers! Great to have you on board and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, progress and generally staying in touch – thanks for joining.

To give you more info, I share a lot of clippings there that I source on the go and literally from anywhere – as long as it’s a good idea or useful food for thought.

I recently started to share info from my nutrition course bit-by-bit on Wednesdays and have begun with Understanding Fat. These get posted on my wellness page and get reposted to the DRGNFLY360 FB Page.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to join the page here – DRGNFLY360 FB Page.

There we go for this week.  I’m now off to visit family for some quality time and Grandma’s cooking!! 😉

Have a great week guys. I hope it successfully aligns with you and where you’re heading…



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