100 Project Update

Hi all,

Well, spring is well and truly in the air along with a sense of shedding the old winter skin, starting a new, development and progression as bursts of sunshine momentarily gracing us with its presence…?!!

For my coachee’s, it has been just that since the beginning of the year.  They’ve discovered their deeper needs, taken action and made some changes.  There have been challenges and obstacles to over come and the wins are leading them closer to their grander goals…

In this update, I’m pleased to announce that I have delivered 24 hours of free coaching done!!  Out of which, 6 people have opted-in to work with me more long-term, 6-months…!!

I do need your help to hit my target.  I’m just over a 1/5th of the way through and have only 2/3rds of the year left!!!

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD – sign up here.

I’d like to say, it has been a great experience so far working with everyone over these past 4 months.  It’s been funny, it’s been emotional,  it’s been focused and there’s been growth and I’m proud each and every time they tick something off or have a realisation or epiphany that excites them into taking action now for their future.

You guys are proof that each step is a step in the right direction and when you look back and add all the steps together you can see the big difference – You wanted it, you were accountable, you took action and you get the benefits.

Thank you for trusting me and thank yourselves for committing.  You deserve it – Don’t take your foot off the pedal!!

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