How to win at everything! – from Idris Elba

So I was in Southwark this week on my way to a meeting and, as I came out of the station there was vendor handing out free magazines.  He went to hand on to me and, as you do, I immediately said ‘no thank’ and carried on.  As I walked passed the cover caught my eye.  It was NME Free and had Idris Elba on the cover accompanied with the text “How to win at everything!”My curiosity got the better of me and I quickly reached out and accepted a copy – The text is what grabbed me, I’m always up for hearing the insights from successful people.

I opened it up, scanned through and found an interview with the man himself…

As I read on I found myself really liking the guy.  He’s a great British actor having had some stellar roles (Stringer, Mandela, Luther, etc..) but then I learned more…  Like myself, he’s man who has many strings to his bow and wants to make a positive impact on people’s lives.  On top of the acting, he’s a DJ, Music Producer, Writer, Fashion Designer and Director and is working with Purdey’s on a campaign called ‘Thrive On’ to encourage young people to follow their dreams… I found myself saying “how do you find time…?”Funnily, a question which I too have been asked but, with no chance of getting an answer to that question from him I just guess he’s a guy who likes to keep busy doing the things he loves. If you love it then it’s not ‘work’ and you find the time – Well, that’s my answer to it anyway.

A couple of things really stuck out.  When asked what made him believe that he was going to make it? His answer is brilliant, a testament to how we as humans have the ability to re-programme our minds to get the results we need to get done, whether by choice or necessity and even if we’re not totally thrilled about it.

Idris: “I would say I’m fearless. I’m not worried about failing. A lot of people are because it’s embarrassing to fail, isn’t it?  I’m not worried about that.  I’ve failed at a bunch of stuff.  It just makes me get up and go back in.”

He then recounts a time when filming Luther and his fear of heights and how he had to get it done:

Idris: “ I think you have to re-programme your head a bit.  I can’t stand heights, but in Luther it seemed like every episode was on a roof!”…  “I had to really re-programme how I dealt with fear.  I think everyone can do that.” 

Nice one Idris, love your work.

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