Kuredu Island, Maldives

6 Nights of Honeymoon Heaven…

As the seaplane disembarked from the island jetty and canted to open water, a sadness kind of swept over. It felt as though we were leaving a friend behind, not knowing when we’d see them again…  7days/6nights in paradise – walking the white sand beaches, swimming the clear water, being poolside by the infinity pool, the friendly staff, the lively house reef, the new sun-kist friends we’d made and the stunning over water Sangu Water Villa we called home for this short time.

Farewell, until next we meet…

Well, day 1 started a bit on the back foot…
We woke up at 10:00 am and raced off to breakfast and as we did, I burnt the balls of my feet on the wooden decking from our room to the beach!! (That was hot and at 10:00 am!! – not good). If the locals say you can walk around without shoes, be cautious!!

And it just got better… We then arrive at the restaurant (flip-flop on feet) only to find that we’re late!! What the..?!! The island is an hour ahead of mainland time… Not a problem you say..!! And you’d be right unless you find out that mobile networks sync to the mainland time!! Ahhhh… “That’s what our room attendant was saying!!”. We were too tired and so gob-smacked by the place on arrival that we missed that little detail!!  I recommend you manually change your device times for this area!!

So, yeah – not a great start. Burnt feet, 1hr behind and no brekkie!! Lol…

Anyway, moving on and not spending time feeling down (there’s no room for that here!) we decided to cash-in our free massages and signed up for a few activities (Such as: sunset cruise, PADI Scuba course, a free windsurfing lesson and a snorkelling tour) and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day sliding into island life at our water villa with no further issues or stresses.  On returning, we found that the resort had a nice bottle of champagne, a platter of tropical fruit and a couple of his and her T-shirts waiting for us – what a result!

Honeymoon T-Shirts
Honeymoon T-Shirts

This place is amazing… Friendly staff everywhere, Postcard views everywhere, attention to little details and the Sangu Water Villa… definitely recommended!! We have a four poster bed (complete with fly net), the facilities are up-to-date (UK sockets everywhere) and very stylish, the ranch slider opens onto the west-facing deck that shows off the sunset and leads you right into crystal clear tropical waters where we’ve so far been lucky to see various marine life including a reef shark and stingray.

Tough day in the office…

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On day 2, we decided that it’d be great to do the 3-day PADI Scuba diving course which would qualify us for up to 12m.


Pre-reading: section 1 of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual.

Day 1 –  A 08:30, starting with (I know what you’re thinking… who wants to get up at 0830 when you’re on your honeymoon??!!! When you’re in paradise and have the opportunity to do something amazing, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is.  You’ll do it!!  Carpe Diem and all that) with a review video of the pre-reading, a test and then our first hands-on intro to diving equipment followed by out first dive, a confined dive on the shore of the lagoon (1.5m deep).

Pre-reading: section 2&3 of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual.

Day 2:  – 08:30 – Started with another pre-reading review video, a test and then a jump off the jetty (3-4m) for some drills. After lunch, we watched the final review video accompanied by a test. Dive 3 was again off the Jetty into the lagoon for underwater comms testing, more skills testing and had another look around – we saw a Honeycomb Moray-Eel here, just off the side of Jetty!!

Dive 3 was again off the Jetty into the lagoon for underwater comms testing, more skills testing and had another look around. – most interesting sight -we saw a Honeycomb Moray-Eel here, just off the side of Jetty!!

The most interesting sight – a Honeycomb Moray-Eel less than a few metres from the side of Jetty!!

Day 3 (Last day of the course – Open Water day) – 08:45 – No video to review and no tests – Awesome!! This meant we got geared up straight away and went for our next dive, this time off the end of the jetty (not the side as before).  From here, headed towards the house reef which was complete with its own nose-dived shipwreck – beginning at 12m and descending down to about 25m). It was streaming with life and I really felt like I’d achieved a life long goal and opened up a new hobby.  What a feeling flying (neutral buoyancy) among all this life!! After lunch, we had a 10min boat ride to an underwater island – A Coral Reef metropolis (12m).

After lunch, we boarded a boat that took for a 10min ride and anchored by an underwater island – A Coral Reef metropolis (12m).

Aquatic life observed (that I could identify!!):

  • Glassfish
  • Unicornfish
  • Lionfish
  • Eagleray
  • Stingray
  • Black-tip reef shark
  • Batfish
  • Honeycomb Moray Eel
  • Green Sea Turtles – see my trophy video below.
  • Maldivian Clown-fish
  • And loads of smaller fish…

The rest of our days were spent kicking back relaxing and enjoy the all-inclusiveness of the resort:

  • All inclusive bars,
  • Windsurfing,
  • Snorkelling the house reef,
  • Soaking in the couples only infinity pool,
  • Got a rub at the spa (for additional fee),
  • Attended the All white party (no, not a trump rally but a dress in white party!!),
  • Dined at the many restaurants that are dotted all over the island
  • And lay back in our Sangu water villa…

All-in-all, what an incredibly relaxing, fun and gorgeous getaway for our honeymoon.  It’s going to hard to beat and may have ruined all tropical beach holidays in the future!!

Travel Info

Booked via Letsgo2.com

  • Cost: Circa £1,200ppn – 2015 pricing.
  • Location: Kuredu Island Resort, Maldives
  • Package: All Inclusive 6 nights in the Sangu Water Villas (Second from the end – The honeymoon suite next door was booked, however, we got more privacy as the sand spit that everyone walks along looks right onto their deck!!)
  • Including flights from London (as we were heading to Cambodia after this, we asked for our return flights could leave from Ho Chi Ming – not a problem, we just paid the difference in cost).
  • Mosquito control – one of the great things about this island is that they do spray, so for those who are magnets to mosquitos (like my wife), you will find less irritation – but do bring spray just in case as I found even I got bitten in some areas on the beach.
  • I would not go here if you’re expecting to party.  Though there are loads of bars, it’s mostly couples and kids (unless you’re in the couple only area) – after the bars closed, we and some new friends went back to our villa to raid the minibar. we drank chatted and had some tunes on (not loud) – next thing, there was a knock at the door.  the staff had come with a golf buggy to escort our friends back to their rooms!! lol.  Yep – Sound travels further a night and, when you’re on an island the chatting and laughter ride the night air so clearly.

Company on the island: ProDivers

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