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This week is a bit of a long one, but it’ll be worth it – I have an App to keep you informed and learning your favourite topics, a Podcast to improve your health, some ‘100 Project’ true stories and an Article that inspires you getting and living the life you want…

But first, a ‘100 Project’ Update and, for Funky Friday theme music while you read, please find the embedded YouTube player below – press play

Now that we have our groove, here’s the highlights from the 100 Project’s busy launch month:

  • 22 people opted to receive my guide and tool on ‘finding balance’.
  • 17 of 22 opted in for the free 1hr session – Skype, Phone and Face-to-Face
  • 9 of 17 sessions have been done with the rest scheduled this month – 9/100 hours, 91 to go…
  • 5 of 9 I’ve followed up 1-2 week later, just to see how they are getting along and to answer any questions.
  • 4 of 9 have opted to work with me for 6 months (1hr/month) – another 20 hours committed through to June.

The topics have ranged from Small Business Start-up, Personal Finances, Dropping Bad Habits, Creating Time, Doing More of What You Love, Finding Hobbies, Being Active, Staying Focused and Motivated, etc… It’s all about what they want to achieve in the short to long-term.  It’s no surprise, the cross-section of people has been just as diverse.  I’ve chatted with Mums, Dads, Entrepreneurs, Wed Designers, Events Professionals, Administrators, Project Managers, Trainers and Sales Professionals across London, Bristol, NZ and AUS – I’m loving it!!

Looking ahead into next month, the diversity expands as I meet with Teachers, Small Business Owners, Film Makers, Horticulturists, Plumbers and even those in between options – Anyone can do it.  You don’t have to be in a rut – Maybe you just want to raise the bar?

Curious? Get in touch for no obligation chat 🙂 CLICK HERE

So, that’s 29/100 hours of free coaching accounted for and that was only January – what an unexpected outcome!!  A massive thank you to everyone who has shared my details and a Big Shout out to those who took the step and contacted me directly, even if it was just to find out what coaching is all about.   Thank you for support, the support messages and the feedback – it’s keeping me focused.

Massive thanks to everyone who has shared my details (don’t stop!!) and HUGE Shout-Outs to those who took that step and made that decision to contacted me directly –  even if it was just to find out what coaching is all about.

Thank you for support messages and the feedback – it’s keeping me committed focused to completing this goal.

I have 71 hours of free coaching up for grabs


Moving on…

  • I had some help with this week’s App (Big shout outs to Alice, Thank you!) – News360. An app that learns the stories and topics you like (you have to start it off, of course!) and it pulls them together into one reader.  The thing I love about this is, unlike the other app I’ve seen which draw from websites, this one is like Pinterest for topics of interest (not shockingly new concept but, for me, the feel of this on works nicely).  So, if you’re like me and like to learn or keep update on certain things, try this and then write a comment to Alice for the recommendation.
  • Next, I’m going to share this a podcast from a friends show, The Guestlist.  Hosted by (Lord) Jason Allan Scott, the show focuses on interviewing entrepreneurs from all walks of life that are shaking things up and making waves in their industries.  Additionally, it documents his journey as he gets his current project and start-up to market. All are great for those interested, however, the episode I’m going to share, Jason interviews Melanie Lawson MD, is good for even those not starting businesses but keen on staying healthy – Omega 3 vs Omega 6.  Some very useful insights for those not in the know…  Please do show Jason some love, check out this podcast and while you’re there, explore the show – No, I’m not getting paid to plug this… Jason, maybe we should talk about that..?!! lol.
  • Now for something that makes me really proud to have heard and been a part of.  The four people who I have been working with on my longer 6-month process have been doing and feeling very well.  All are at different stages but I can changes in them already.  I’m so happy and, as I said, proud of them for taking action to do more of the things they want to be doing in their lives.  This week, two of them shared with me some of their highlights.
    • Let’s call the first one ‘A’.  So ‘A’ has always wanted a hobby but didn’t know where to start.  After a session with me, she dug deep and presented some possibilities that on paper seemed appealing.  It’s been a month now, some of her suggestions didn’t pan out but one that has has enhanced her glow and sense of happiness – She is now using her transferable skills and has volunteered with a charity writing funding proposals (‘A’ – I hope I have that correct?!).  AWESOME.
    • Next, A 24-year creative entrepreneur and old father.  Let’s call him ‘J’. I’ve known J for a long time and I was happy that he wanted to me to help him work a few things out – What he wanted to do to grow his business (business-wise, how he wanted to position himself and the strategies that would get him there). Being a creative and business driven person myself, we talked his processes, his end goals and casually worked backwards from there with J filling in all the blanks and using me as a sounding board. A month and a half later, he has now created his website where he’s offering his creative, strategic and collaborative solutions.  In addition, he is also volunteering with an organisation to deliver food to the elderly 2 days a week. Nice one J.
  • Finally this week, to wrap it all up and keeping it on a positive tip, if you want to be successful and happy, this article lays out a good suggestion on how it can be done. Titled ‘Want to Be successful? Have Fun. Seriously by entrepreneur, Steve Tobak.


Have a great weekend everyone, please do drop me a line with comments below – I love hearing from you.

#This week’s cover photo was impromptu and taken on my iPhone 5 (yeah, yeah, I need to upgrade – but hey, if it ain’t broke..!!) and is of the new Black Friars Station.

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