Friday Favourites…

  • The ‘100 Project’ Update: I have now given 9hrs of the 100 that I’m offering this year to individuals wanting to see what having a personal coach is all about.  All have been great chats and for varied reasons. Some have ranged from curiosity,  change direction (intentional/unintentional), wanting to stay on track, talking things through getting a plan together and some just looking for that motivator to kick start their gears.  Outside of these 9hrs, it’s been a pleasure to catch with these guys 1 or 2 weeks down the line to hear how they’ve been getting along – some great stories and I can feel how excited and driven you are towards keeping it going.  Nice work.  Finally to add, 3 have even chosen to work with me over a 6 month period! I can’t wait for these people to be looking back at this journey and giving themselves an internal hi five.
  • Last week, by being in the right place at the right time, I landed myself in new project – Event Photography
  • Creative Collaboration Community – okay I might be late on this one but if I am.. That’s cos you didn’t share it!! 😉
  • I was recently introduced to artists Kyle Bean and Radim Malinic (Brand Nu) who will both be speaking about their different approaches to ‘Storytelling’ at the next International Special Event Society (@ISES_UK) Event in Feb – check them out and find out more on ISES UK and the upcoming event here

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