The Goods #5

Thank *bleep* it’s Friday!!! Autumn is here and the transition to winter is in full swing. Along with the falling of leaves an picturesque as it is, this week has totally tested patience, communications skills and my spirit. But, I’m pleased to say, I didn’t go postal and it’s ended on a positive note…

What makes this week awesome relates to 2 cult classics and an achievement…  Well, I’m going to up the usual 3 bullets, 2 achievements

  • At number 1 – some of you may have guessed it: Star Wars – The Force Awakens trailer!! This movie will like a Christmas present from Spielberg himself!! Don’t be a hater… Click here.
  • Next, Wednesday was the day  Marty McFly travelled to the future (now in the past).  I only have one concern about this… I don’t think tech giants are working hard enough to deliver us the single most important item that generations have spent a long time waiting on… The hoverboard!
  • Now, back to reality with another numerous uno for the week. After 6 months of studying, 5 years of personal interest and on going development, it appears that I am finally certifiable..!!  
  • And for the third number one of the week (I know, 3 number 1s… I did say it’s ended positively!!), I coach my first client since complete the course and they had this to say: “I’m feeling so much more positive about work tomorrow. Thank you” – A

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