The Goods #4

This week is all about productivity. I discovered 2 useful services and met up with someone who knows how to get things done, including the things she loves…

  • Rapportive – A nifty plugin for Gmail that when installed, adds a panel on the right as you click an email in your inbox.  The panel reveals contextual information relating to that contact.  Previous emails, social media links (if you’re already connected – I logged in with Linkedin and now see people profiles there).
  • – Inbox zero can be yours..!! This service enables you to mass-unsubscribe from mailing lists that have been clogging up inbox and helps you to find the info you want quicker with ‘Rollup’, your daily digest of your favourite subscriptions that you can receive in the morning, afternoon or evening!!  The choice is yours.
  • Coffee with Jo Dodds – This week I met up, the always insightful, Jo Dodds – Social Media & HR Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Blogger and dedicated Wife and Mother – how does she do it? Every time we talk I learn something from Jo on the productivity and communications tip.  We’ll be talking more in the near future about how she keeps it together – watch this space – but, for now way not pay Jo’s blog, PowerToLiveMore, a visit and see first-hand the insights that are on offer…

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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