Clearing the Clutter

Our brains are no longer the only tools for storing information but still we manage to stuff them with endless task lists, people management, the lessons learnt, dates, politics, work agendas, relationships, time management, invitations, obligations, Aunt Sue’s recipes and files upon files which ultimately bogs and slows them down. Where can you squeeze in a new personal topics to develop new skills or become wiser in the ways of the world… There’s no room. ‘You can not fill a cup that is already full’…

Before I lunge in I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of you for the comments I have been getting through the Contact page.  It’s great to hear your feedback and questions so please do keep them coming.  I thought that as no question is a silly question and, in the spirit of sharing, you never know if you someone else is thinking the same question –  please write in the the comments of the related post and I can get back to you there asap 🙂

Now to the task at hand… Picture, if you will, a creative person or at least your impression of a creative person. Be as clichĂ© as you want. In fact, the more clichĂ© the better. Now, picture someone like Einstein working on his Theory of Relativity.  Imagine how they go about they daily activities… I’m guessing, if your representations are anything like mine then we’d have on one hand a flighty, free-spirited and carefree artist and, on the other hand, a focused, dedicated and unwavering scientist.

Do they seem calm relaxed?

Are they rushing around or stressing out?

They seem comfortable.  Free to create, free to dream and free to make a difference doing what they do.

We can strive to achieve this in our own day-to-day activities and if we can release ourselves from some the clutter we’ll be able to think more efficiently, more creatively and stress can become a thing of the past  – I know, extreme and a bit utopian but, we sure will be able to deal with better!!…

So, where to start?

There’s lots of tools and method out there for supporting to-dos, time-management and filing. Some capturing details in folders, many involve notebooks.  There are various journals, diaries, calendars and (of course) ‘there are apps for that’!!

But which are the best, and which are best for you – It’s your processes that matter and no-one is a better expert on you, than you.

I think it’s fair to say that, like most things in life, it’s different strokes for different folks and a topic this blog will try to take on… I’ll be sharing my favourite productivity tools as well as reviewing the new discoveries on the block and who knows, hopefully, some of them might work for you…

To kick it off, I think I’ll start with an app that’s had a warm welcome by iOS users, ‘Google Keep’ – a note-taking/productivity app which was released on Thursday (24th Sept 2015).

I’ve been trying to use it inline with the Kanban methodology for task management due to the characteristics of it’s GUI.  So far, I do like it.  Moving post-its (colourful post-its!!) from left to right as they progress through the different stages.  My only gripe is that the columns need to stay fixed but instead when you move on post-it this weird shuffling happens…  On the flipside, one thing that I’m really loving is the ability to set repeating reminders for each post-it. Brilliant for the ‘doing/in process’ list (set it for 8 am to keep me on the ball),  Nice!!!…

Try it for yourself for that holiday you’re planning over Christmas or the renovation you’ve been thinking about, or even for that assignment that’s due in a few weeks. let me know how you go.

Finally, if you have any productivity apps that you love write them in the comments for me…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nacatton says:

    Great blog post Drgnfly! I’m downloading Google keep as we speak.


    1. DRGNFLY360 says:

      Hi Nick, Thanks for checking it out.

      It will be great to get your thoughts on it so please do keep me in the loop.

      I’ve got another useful App to introduce next week so pop back or, on the right panel, you can register to get an email notification when it gets published.



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