Enjoying Kuredu, Maldives

Some well needed relaxing.

Who’s idea was it to do a diving course on holiday!?! Lol

Just jokes, it was great but time to get back to some serious relaxing.

These past 2 days have been filled with as little as possible. First, we snorkeled in the lagoon catching up with a couple of Sea Turtles and an Eagle Ray. Then, we chilled at the Sangu bar, and utilised our all-inclusive package (I think I tried nearly all the cocktails!!) and chilled by the beach-side infinity pool.

Later on we headed back to the Water Villa for some private sunning on the deck enjoying some tunes, the mini-bar and the cool sea breeze…

On Friday night they throw a White Party where all guests attend are required to wear white attire. A fun night with the kind of music you’d expect on holiday – Top 40 bangers – which are eased along by the tropical setting and all-inclusive drinks.

Though this island has a very romance/couples focus its also caters for families, friends and adventurers. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to party this wouldn’t be the place for you – we had invited 2 friends to join us for a drink at our villa after we graduated our diving course. The music wasn’t loud but clearly our voices carried, and soon enough we got a knock at the door with a cab waiting to take our guests back to their rooms!! Admittedly, we had had a bit to drink prior to our villa and I commend the staff who handled the situation well and were both professional and polite in their manner.

All in all a wonderful start  – We’ve eaten everything from roasts to local curries (though the seafood always seemed over-done) and crépes to cakes. We’ve tried some new things and some not so good things, we’ve been lost in ourselves and basked in having our quality time and, throughout our stay, also met some great people and made new friends. It’s so easy to see why so many people come back here again and again, year after year…

For a beach holiday, this one is going to be tough to beat.

Thank you Kuredu, thank you to your staff and your stunning surroundings

Photo Collection

neighbours 1 & 2

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