What do you do with bad habits..??


I recently shared how I dealt with a shit’uation of epic proportions in It’s only Temporary – thank you for all the great feedback. It was the first time I have described it to anyone in that level of detail and I hope that it helps anyone in similar shit’uations.

Next I thought I would hone in and draw your attention to changing behaviours and developing new habits that can ultimately support you to achieve that future-self.  As you know significant change doesn’t happen quickly, with efforts sometimes not showing reward until after 6mths or so – it didn’t happen for me overnight and though there were plenty of quick wins along the way to keep me motivated, it has taken a good 7 years for me to really feel like I’m living ‘My Life’ again and becoming my future-self.

Lets talk ‘Bad Habits’.  What are bad habits? I like to think of them as skills that have a negative effect either on you, the people you care about or your surroundings.  Isn’t it surprising to think that you acquired this ‘particular set of skills’ at some point in your life.  You simply ‘picked it up’, went through a phase of learning and practised it on your travels and now they haven’t helped you much!!

If we can learn to do something, surely we can unlearn it…??

Do you remember when you first started learning to drive..? Parallel parking was daunting, hill starts were impossible and just the thought of joining the round-about at Elephant & Castle made you freak!!.. And now, look at you, it’s like second nature and you jump behind the wheel without even thinking about it.

Each time we learn something new or change a habit or behaviour we flow through these four key stages:

  1. Unconsciously Incompetent – You don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. Consciously Incompetent – You’re aware of what you don’t know.
  3. Consciously Competent – You mindfully apply your knowledge
  4. Unconsciously Competent – You’re able, without applying too much thought.

I think it is amazing how we can go through these stages to learn, understand, practise, and adopt things into our lives, that at times can even change our whole direction and it all starts a little bit at a time…

So conversely, if you have a desire to stop a habit, practising ‘not to do it’ should have the same transitional effect, rendering you eventually unconsciously competent at not doing your habit and thus dropping it completely.

It does of course all start with your decision – how you want to start the day? With a new habit or the old ones that weren’t working out so well…?!

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