Festival of Arts & Mindfulness

This weekend I was lucky enough to be taking photos for the final day of the NOW Live Events’ Festival of Arts & Mindfulness events Tapping into your Creative Potential at the Deptford Lounge.

NOW Live Events have teamed up with the local council to deliver this project.

Established in 2013 the NOW Project aims to explore mindful living and have delivered a variety experiential events, workshops and talks around London.  You may have seen them at the South Centre, Secret Garden Party, the Wilderness Festival and The Bishopsgate Institute.


I had a great time at the Deptford Lounge and not by taking photos of the families and individuals as the a participated but I also got stuck into the final session ‘Do Nice Be Kind Spread Happy’ led by Bernadette Russell.

So, with Mindfulness being a hot topic at the moment, I encourage you to look out for them at your next festival and have a go – who knows, you may even find a new way to enjoy the present…

Click here to see the Photos and visit their Facebook Page

To visit their website click here.

To see whats on at the Deptford Lounge click here.

#SwitchOnNOW #DRNGFLY360 #Minfulness #NOWLiveEvents

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