5AM Diaries: Week 3

I’m not gonna lie, it’s taken serious effort this week to get up at 5am. A couple of unavoidable evening commitments have thrown a spanner in the works, resulting in sleeping in over these last two mornings aswell as being visited by drowsy afternoons on Wednesday and Thursday.

Changing habits and developing new ones does take time to soak in, I have to stick to my guns to get the results…


There is good news however, I’m feeling noticeable stronger in both posture and in my core so I can say going hard at the gym (to failure) and the extra whey protein is paying off. I added Glucousamine supplements to the mix too for joint repair.

In terms of the extra time in the mornings, I love it!! A) I get to spend time with my wife before she shoots to work at 07:00 – I don’t leave until 08:10 and used to sleep until about 07:20 so seeing each other before we come home shattered is great.  And, while she’s getting ready, I’m studying my personal coaching course or prepping for the day.

So, all-in-all a positive result and we’re looking forward to a better week ahead…

It’d be great to hear how you guys are getting along so throw some comments my way.

Have a wicked weekend, it’s gonna be a hot one!

#5amClub #DRGNFLY360

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