5am Start – Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it…

So for the past 2 weeks, my wife and I have been starting our day at 5am. We get up, drive to the gym and begin the day with some light cardio to get things going. After that we mix it up with weight machines and free weights – depending which day of the week it is. For me, there’s Monday – leg day, Wednesday – back day and Friday – Upper body day. All the in between days are simply the light cardio to get kick started.

As I said, it has now been 2 weeks and along with the physical benefits of feeling healthier, definition and more energy I have to say that mornings at work are better, I’m more prepared and I have achieved a lot more before my day has ‘officially’ started – course work, catch up on reading, personal projects, news/feed updates as well as having had a solid breakfast (more about that at a later time).

I challenge you, no matter what hours you work, to get up an hour or 2 earlier, do some exercise and slide into your days ready and prepared. I’ll be surprised if you don’t notice the benefits across your commitments after the first 2 weeks.

Note: this may mean that you need to hit the hay earlier during the week – For us though, 22:30-23:00 has been good.

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