Rarotonga, Cook Islands

What a feeling it is to have the warm island breeze in your face, liberated by our mopeds steeds from the stunning shackles our the immediate postcards surroundings to explore the rest of the island. We had 2 choices – 1) clockwise around the island or, 2) anti-clockwise around the island. Either way would lead us back where we started in 30mins but we guaranteed to be stopping along the way…

The biggest of the Cook Islands, this oasis of a paradise is located in the South Pacific and was the stunning setting for my best friend’s wedding.
As our group of longtime friends who’d been separated by the various direction our lives have taken us, and now living in different countries, we gathered like a citadel on the small and lush island. Circled by a turquoise and calm lagoon the walls of which were holding back the unforgiving and powerful waves of the South Pacific – it was like a calm tropical sanctuary.

We explored and roamed like a gang of bikers on the road, stumbling upon palatable treasures like The Nautilus – for a bit to eat, The Shipwreck pub – for some Pina Coladas (and home of the lazy cat). I can’t forget the best fish sandwiches I’ve have ever had from The Mooring Fish Café – literally from ocean to plate!!

Other highlights (other than the most amazing wedding) were locals – Stopping for gas and doing the shopping and chatting was a highlight! That’s actually how we discover The Mooring Fish, weekly markets and the abandoned Sheraton Hotel – an unfinished building project that’s scared the landscape… what a waste.

Still, one of the most beautiful places you will see and one you’ll fall for, take a piece of it with you and leaving a piece of yourself behind…

See more here for the Rarotonga | 2013

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