Island Hopping the Yasawas, Fiji

The sun was beating down on us as we enjoyed the view of countless postcard quality white sanded islands from the top deck of the speeding catamaran. For some, the cool breeze camouflaged the sun’s sizzling effects of our 4-hour journey.

Starting in Nadi, we left the port of Denaru by Catamaran setting of an ‘Awesome Adventure’ Island Hopping for days.  the journey started with a 5hrs ride out to the far reaches of the Yasawas and as we sailed at speed the wind was in our faces.  The mountains of Nadi passed us by and we were greeted along the was by breath-taking island formations, white sand beaches, and royal blue waters…

As we passed each Island resort, small boats came to greet us and escort their guests to thier new Island homes.

Finally, we reached our first island, the island resort of Coral View – a nature reserve and clam farm – and it was our turn to disembark form the catamarang onto our escort.  As we approached the island we caught the sound of jovial and melodious singing.  The sound grew and grew as we approached and the source soon had faces.  Smiling faces glowing with the goodness of their region and blessed with voices of a chior – What a welcome and what an amazing setting to begin our island hopping experience back to the mainland…


  • Coral View Island Resort:
    • Snorkeling the clam reserve and the many reefs of the resorts
    • Basking on the private white sand beach on the other side of the Island
    • Lovo – Common across the pacific islands, food cooked to perfection under a bonfire
    • Our first Tropical Sunrise
    • Trying and falling in love with Scuba Diving on Blue Lagoon Island.
    • Fire dancing
  • Korovou Island Eco Resort:
    • Free-Diving on the reef with the locals
    • Spear fishing
    • Sawailau Limestone Cave
    • Night fishing
    • Cooking lesson – Raw Fish Salad
  • Mantaray Island Resort:
    • Swimming with Manta Rays  – Wow – An absolute Highlight of my life!!
    • Spa treatment
    • Trying Kava – a local brew
  • Bounty Island
    • Yachting to Visiting Castaway Island where scenes for Tom Hanks’ movie ‘Castaway’ was filmed and visiting a village (Bounty Island)
    • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Generally
    • The health and tasty tropical food.
    • And, quality time with my favourite person and lazing on the beach…

Click here for more photos from Yasawas, Fiji

So, do you remember when I said that swimming with Manta Rays was a lifetime highlight? Well… Once we were back on the mainland buzzing from the time that we had had, I was still so in awe from swimming with 9 Mantarays that I sought out a local tattoo artist to mark the occasion – Island style!!

Travel Information

Location: Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Tour operator: Awesome Adventures Fiji


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